Now on to vending... for now...

Published on 2 October 2023 at 22:06

Hi everyone! Thank you for following my blog. It has been quite the challenge. I'm learning so much as I go. My goal is to have my own retail store on Fort Myers Beach. However, until there is retail space on the beach, which is anyone's guess as to when that will happen, I have to get creative and try to get my brand out there through other avenues. I applied for a vendors spot on the beach but, there's a wait list. So, I applied for a spot at Moss Marina and was accepted. It's a "farmers market" at a great marina, set back a bit from the main drag. I visited a "farmers market" on the beach. I walked around and observed. I saw several food vendors, hot dogs, pork sandwiches, even the national company called Bath Fitters. Really? A bath tub company? I did see one actual vegetable/fruit stand. What I didn't see was retail vendors with local merchandise. I was disappointed. My short term goal is to have a successful vending spot and get The Paw Tiki recognized for the great merchandise that we have and continue to learn the business industry. Then take it from there. :) 

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Gayle Ash
8 months ago

So proud of you ! Your merchandise is so fun. My pups need some.