Well, here we go!!

Published on 16 September 2023 at 13:33

Hello from Fort Myers Beach, FL. WOW! my first blog post! From patients to pups, hospitals to retail space. The learning curve is evolving.  After thirty-four years in the healthcare industry it was time for a change. Believe me, my mental health is really appreciating this change!! I was thinking, OK now what? How do I change my way of thinking and living from the healthcare culture to a business focused society? Well, I started doing a lot of research about how to start a business, and general business knowledge. I have some good friends in the retail industry from cigars to clothing stores to restaurants, who are great mentors. I firmly believe everyone should find a mentor to help guide them in to unchartered waters. I'm learning to think more like a business person, than a healthcare worker, which is taking some time, practice and patience.  I'm beginning to take notice of what others do, the decisions they make and why. Not just the retail owners, but the customers, too.  I've developed a business plan, and yes, it has changed several times as I continue to learn, have successes, and pitfalls. Slowly I am realizing nothing happens overnight and to continue to work hard, never stop learning, listen to others advice (not that I have to take it! LOL),  and learn and do as much as I can. I know there will be ups and downs, trials and errors, and to keep pushing forward. There is no such thing as losing. Your either win, or you learn. So far I've developed my website which took a lot of time to do. I'm so "green!" I've also been stocking up my merchandise, and soon, I will try my hand at wholesaling to local businesses. Wish me luck, Keep posted and watch me grow!! Christine xoxo

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